The Argument for Defunding the Dept. of Education

The Department of Education is a bureaucratic relic of a failed presidency and a failed ideology. We all know it. The time has come to own up and accept the fact that if we are to save America for the next generation, it is necessary to defund and destroy the Department of Education.

For too long have we been giving in to the arguments of the insidious left, for too long we (as conservatives) have gone along with the argument that ridding our nation of the Department of Education would “hurt the children”. But, deep down, we all know how false, how irresponsible this argument is. For our nation to survive in the twenty-first century, we must rid ourselves of this oppressive bureaucracy.

Libs and “compassionate” Conservatives argue that people like you and I are inconsiderate and cruel. However, do they really believe that the inner-city children are benefitting from this slow monolith which is just another landmark on the road to oppression? Since when does the federal government know better than the local governments what is better for their community? The “needs” of the community are being placed above the needs of the individual, thus diminishing the right to self-governance.

          The youth of this nation continue to graduate with lower grades and test scores than our international counterparts. This was not the case “back in the day” when the states and local governments could control the educational system of their own state or community. Students graduated with higher scores and grades because the educational system that they were brought up in was more personalized for the children of the area, rather than the “one-size-fits-all” approach of today.

Furthermore, a key component of federalism, to paraphrase “The Great One” Mark Levin, is the ability to escape one states policies for another’s. Therefore, if you disagreed with the way one states educational system was being run, you could chose not to live there, but rather live in a state where you agree more with their system. However, with the approach adopted today, the only choice is to move to another country. With that said, as a patriotic American, I know that I would never leave my nations in search of better pastures (mainly because there are none)

If Americans are to “secure the blessings of liberty” and adhere to the principles of the Constitution and of federalism, it is necessary that we elect a leader who will actually do something to fix our broken, monolithic, and bureaucratic excuse for an educational system, or we risk watching our republic burn to the ground.

P.S. I can say this as one who is currently in the public education system, and I have witnessed these truths. As a side note, the public education system is a breeding ground for liberal propaganda and leftist thinking. For example, I didn’t even realize that there was a possibility of Global Warming not being true until I was given Glenn Becks An Inconvenient Book, which taught me of these lies.

Your friend and fellow Conservative in the fight,

–Toby Calvert-Lee