Factor Fireworks: Bernie Goldberg and Geraldo Rivera Call Each Other Racist

Just because we’re past the Fourth of July weekend doesn’t mean the fireworks have to end. On July 5, Bernard Goldberg impugned Geraldo Rivera’s credibility in no uncertain terms on The O’Reilly Factor:

“I wonder if Geraldo and others who think like Geraldo would be so open minded if let’s say a militia man in Arizona was accused of killing a Hispanic immigrant, and the evidence was similar to this case — a mountain of circumstantial evidence,” he said. “You think Geraldo Rivera would go on the air and talk to you the way he did?”

Predictably outraged that Bernie dared to state the obvious, Geraldo responded on July 8:

For that snarky Bernie Goldberg to come on your show and to suggest that my view of the prosecution case would be different if the victim was a Mexican immigrant was lying, low-blow, with heavy racial overtones, and I owe him a bloody nose. I am serious. That was really a punk thing to say and to do.

The proper answer to Geraldo’s whining would be: Get a grip. Goldberg only said what we all know to be true. We know you’re a racist because you viciously slander amnesty critics every chance you get, going so far as to talk about how much you want to spit on Michelle Malkin. You’ve made this bed, now you can lie in it.

Of course, Bill O’Reilly can’t give the proper, honest answer, because he and Geraldo are Fox colleagues and buddies. Instead we get this lame semi-defense of Goldberg:

O’REILLY: I’ve known Bernie for twenty-five years, he’s not a racist. It didn’t have any racial overtones, it was more of an ideological-

RIVERA: Then why the Mexican immigrant? Why the Mexican immigrant? He did that to inflame your audience.

O’REILLY: Because – Geraldo, let me explain it. Let me explain it to you. Calm down. Because you’re passionate about that issue. You’re passionate. You know it, I know it, and the world knows it. Passionate on-

RIVERA: I’m passionate on the victims of the Holocaust, too. I’m passionate about victims of atrocities everywhere.

O’REILLY: Okay. So when you get involved in an issue, which you are-

RIVERA: Why Mexicans? He knew what he was doing.

O’REILLY: Because you are known for your passion on the border immigration issue.

Oh, please. Lots of people are “passionate” about all sorts of issues; that doesn’t make us hypocrites or demagogues. Indeed, Geraldo proves Bernie’s point by instinctively bringing up the Holocaust. Are Hispanics trying to enter the United States illegally really in a comparable position to Jews in Nazi-occupied territory?

I understand that Fox’s personalities are probably contractually obligated to not get too personal in their criticism of each other. But while such policies make sense among colleagues who simply disagree about the issues, when cretinous bigots like Geraldo Rivera are involved, simple truth is the first casualty of the inevitable moral contortions required to square the circle that is a bigot’s character. So much for the No-Spin Zone.