Bashing Boehner

The Obama / Dem / legacy media change of tactics to demonize Boehner, rather than Bush, have caused a fair bit of speculation as to whether or not it will work in this election cycle.  There was a lot of coverage of Obama demonizing Boehner by name 8 times in one speach, and of course the infamous NY Times hit piece on him the next day.  But, I haven’t seen anyone note the timing of the change in tactics from bashing Bush to Boehner.

The week before this change, there was a PPP poll in Ohio out that asked, among many other things, who people prefered as president right now, Bush or Obama.  Bush won 50 to 42.

Up until then, Obama had continued blaming Bush for everything.  But, how can you win an election by saying, “do you want to go back to the bad old Bush days?” when the majority of the electorate’s response is “YES!!!!”.

So now, shock of shocks, the real enemy turns out to be Boehner.  Of course, this won’t work either as most Americans shrug and ask, “Who?”.