We indeed are the creators we once thought we were not.

I am just the messenger, don’t shoot, for I am a Jedi Warrior too.
We indeed are the creators we once thought we were not.

We indeed are the creators we once thought we were not.

Through the ages of the past 6000 years we have recorded a good few prophets (avatars). Jesus was the 9th avatar recorded, I wonder who might be the 10th. Any time we go through an age change the seers and sages go on high alert as they await the coming of the next prophet. And so the seers have been keeping watch for the, “2nd coming of Christ” but he has not come. And now, after recently ending the age of Pisces and with our move into Aquarius (a return to the divine feminine energies) the sages have been watching for a goddess to show, but she has not come. Neither he, nor she, has come.

I am here to tell you that neither he or she are coming, and to inform you of your true calling.

You see, something happened to me recently, something very special. When I awoke in the morning following sleep a few nights ago I awoke having felt as if I had been reborn. I do not know or ask why, it just is. I know that during that night of rest I had vivid dreams of far away travels, and to a time without limits where I shared in divine discussions not of this world – many of those discussions I could not immediately recall. But as the morning went forward many of those nights travels began to consciously come back to me. Without doubt the most important of all the gifts I had been offered on that night was this one, single, gift. And now I gift it to you:

We have had 2150 years to learn from the bible and now we must begin to put to work those learning’s to further advance our spiritual evolution. We are standing before the 1000 years of peace Jesus spoke about as is in scripture. But there is a HUGELY PERSONAL challenge we all face that no one told us about, until now. You see, the 2nd coming of Christ is not Jesus literally coming back to save us, and neither is it a divine feminine or goddess, they will not come. Rather, the 2nd coming of Christ, is YOU, is ME, is HIM and is HER.

The holy grail simply put, is the latent miracle powers of Jesus that reside within each and every one of us. Now is the time to begin to awaken those latent powers and use them for what we all know to be true and right within our heart of hearts.

Before us lies an important choice and legendary challenge. We can choose to bring peace and heaven on earth through our free will of choice and our actions, or we can go about things like business as usual and not take heed to this fair warning and insight. You see, a window of time exists during which time we are enabled to choose the true and right path. But once this window closes our collective free will shall have little to no influence upon the fast approaching inevitable outcome. Many of our ancient ancestors were not afforded the opportunity of forewarning, every one of those civilizations collapsed into deep dark despair before the species would rise from the ashes of their despair and begin to reap the fruits of mass evolutionary advancement. Having this advanced warning is critical if we should have any chance of minimizing the coming despair, just as important is having the Will to change things in complete for the better.

A system of merit, not money. A system that rewards equally, not unjustly. A state of being where we begin to learn to re-love our orphaned Mother; Nature, a conscious people who begin to re-honor and delight in our father; Creation. Could you imagine the largest 13 cities in the world having their streets paved in Gold? If we can imagine it, we can create it. We are indeed the ones we have been waiting for, and it is now-time to get busy. I trust you will choose wisely with your free will and do the right thing. Let’s make this new world a world closest to the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of All Good People.

It is time for us to stop the Jesus talk, and begin to Walk the Jesus Walk.

Love & Light,