After Jan 2009 No More Red States Blog ?

Speaking in Berlin remember those walls Obama will bring down ? They are actually the state lines of the red states in the USA. States rights are gone, too many walls. Examples; With FOCA enacted all state abortion laws are eliminated. With repeal of DOMA all states will have marriage laws similar to California, NY and Massachusetts. Teaching the Bible will be a hate crime, (see Canada)
No wonder the Euro’s loved him. They understand he will make the USA into another member of Euroworld. When will WE begin to understand the fundamental changes to our country that Democratic Party rule over all three branches of our government will mean to our way of life? This election is a major course correction for the next 50 years or so, about the length of the Obama and Chavez and Castro dynasties.
And of course this blog will need another name, all red state terminology will be banned.