Let's not forget about the parts of SB 1070 that already went into effect.

There’s a lot of talk today about the Supreme Court ruling, and I’ve seen some good analysis here. However, there are many provisions in SB 1070 that went into effect two years ago that should not be ignored, and, hopefully, are being picked up in other states.

Only 4 parts of the law were enjoined. The rest was left standing, and because it DID have a severability clause, the rest of the law remains untouched. There’s a great analysis of the enjoined sections and, as Governor Brewer pointed out, the law is only a few pages long and is easy to read.

Here are the sections that were already implemented:

  • Sanctuary cities or neighborhoods will no longer be tolerated.
  • Citizens can sue sanctuary cities and fines will be imposed on cities which do not comply with the law.
  • Unauthorized aliens to be turned over to ICE immediately upon release from prison for another offense.
  • Immigration status can be shared within the AZ government to determine eligibility for state benefits.
  • Smuggling human beings is a felony in Arizona.
  • Drivers cannot block the roadway to hire dayworkers.
  • Dayworkers cannot enter cars that are blocking roadways.
  • It is against AZ law to transport, harbor or encourage unauthorized aliens.
  • An employer may not hire an unauthorized alien, nor knowingly hire a contractor who does and may lose their business license(s) if they do.
Granted, the Obama administration has already said that it won’t respond to requests to aid in the enforcement of the provision which was upheld today (no surprise.) But, there are many parts of this law that help to take AZ in the right direction that have already been implemented.
Time to stop hand-wringing and start working on getting another Supreme Court Justice in there who we can trust before the standing sections are challenged on  supposed “Racial Bias’ grounds.
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