Every dollar counts as we head down the final stretch

Talking to the local GOP GOTV reps today, I learned that campaigns will still be able to process and use donations between now and election day. Since so many donations now come in via the candidate’s website and can be transferred to the campaign’s bank account immediately, funds can change the campaign’s tactics overnight.

With so many newcomers in the GOP field, name recognition might well be what’s holding some of them back.  So… here’s what some smaller donations can do for your candidate(s) of choice:

$25 – 20 yard signs

$50 – 500 door hangers for final GOTV efforts

$100 – lunch for a Saturday phonathon

$200 – all supplies needed for a Super-Saturday door knocking extravaganza

$250 – 30sec local cable tv commercial

All donations, even those of $5 to $10 can make a big difference for the smaller races. Even now.

Redstate is filled with links to candidates’ websites – choose 1, choose 10, just choose.
You’re not too late.