Don't wait for lame duck Arlen to re-find his Republican roots.

I had a little hope when I read the Daily Caller today.

As for Specter, he’s now a wild card in the Senate, free to vote as he wants. He spent most of his career in the Senate as a Republican, and is notoriously pugnacious.

But it wasn’t even a full day before my hopes were dashed while happening across this discussion on the Financial “Reform” Bill on CNBC (just watching the DOW plummet.)

Another difference in the outcome was that Democrat Arlen Specter, who was absent for Wednesday’s vote having remained in Pennsylvania following his primary defeat in Tuesday; voted yes along party lines.

What will it be like in November and December when we (hopefully) have a house and senate just filled with lame duck democrats? Somehow I don’t think they’ll find their conservative roots, either.