Birfers, you're being played.

I must admit that there was a time when I thought that Obama might have been born overseas, and that perhaps he was trying to hide that fact from the American people. If not, then why the secrecy about his birth certificate? And, why was all of the money spent on lawyers trying to find a way around the citizenship requirement? (Or so I’d heard)

But after his birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers were found, that really settled the issue for me. There simply is no way that anyone could have foreseen his political future and therefore have conned his citizenship that long ago. And, after his election, it was highly unlikely that he would actually be removed from office, so I considered it a moot point.

With all of the Birfer talk lately, I began to wonder, why would Obama continue to allow this to be a point of contention when it could so easily be resolved? And it hit me – it’s just a distraction. If folks are up in arms about his birth certificate and are spending time trying to track down relatives in Africa or school entrance forms in Malaysia, then they AREN’T FOCUSING ON THE ISSUES.

If you’re busy discussing a certificate of live birth vs a birth certificate, then you aren’t noticing his domestic policies that will bankrupt our nation. If you’re busy worrying about when the next lawsuit is going to come up, then you’re not going to have the time to investigate his appointments who will be working behind the scenes to force our country into socialism. Obama is waving this red flag in your face and counting on it to distract you from the real issues.

Fight on the issues. We will win on the issues. If you continue to insist on dragging all of those around you into ‘Crazy Birfer Land’ then you’re just being played.