Obama's audacious taxpayer-funded reelection campaign bus tour

Obama thinks we should pay for this reelection campaign bus tour because, in the now infamous words of Press Secretary Carney:

He’s the President of the United States.

You can see the “context” of Carney’s comment here.

The political nature of Obama’s trip so blatant that the biased media wing of the Democrats’ party is not even trying to hide it:

  • The Voice of America calls the bus tour a “Three-State Counteroffensive.”
  • Reuters refers to the bus tour as “campaign mode” and “unmistakable campaign style.”
  • The Associated Press reports that Obama starts a “political counteroffensive this week.”

The Republican National Committee has dubbed Obama’s taxpayer-funded reelection campaign bus tour the “Debt-End Bus Tour,” or “DEBT.”


Even as Obama has fundraiser after fundraiser in his quest for a $1 billion campaign war chest, he thinks taxpayers should pay for his three-state bus campaign bus tour. Isn’t it enough that we bought him two $1.1 million buses?

Taxpayers didn’t pay for Perry’s or Bachmann’s campaign bus? Why did we pay for Obama’s?