Opposition panics Obama and Democrats

President Obama and the Democrats are so panicked over the outrage being expressed at Democrat town meetings they refer to the concerns and opinions of millions of Americans as “manufactured” and label protesting citizens expressing their First Amendment rights as “angry extremists” for voicing their opposition to President Obama’s government-run healthcare reform rush.

President Obama is so concerned that he implemented an opposition surveillance program — Obama’s version of the President Bush era terrorist surveillance program — that is of questionable legality. The DNC is even out with a way over-the-top ad bashing those trying to exercise their right to petition their government.

Compare the Obama/Democrat reaction to opposition to that of the Bush Administration, which used such dissent as an opportunity to highlight our rights and freedoms, rather than to try and diminish American liberty as are the Democrats.

Haven’t the Democrats seen the multitude of public opinion polls showing that a majority of Americans believe Obamacare is a bad idea? Are the Democrats so out of touch that they are surprised that Americans are concerned about a $1 trillion-plus so-called healthcare reform? Do they care?