Obama's press conference - first impression

It was simply amazing. The fog the mainstream media’s infatuation with President Obama is obviously beginning to wear off.

At today’s press conference, reporters finally asked Obama some tough questions. Obama was taken aback by the change in tone. As a result, we did not see the smooth articulate teleprompter-reader we normally see. Obama was on the defensive as soon as his opening remarks were done and the questions began.

Obama took questions from 13 reporters. Six questions concerned the aftermath of the Iranian election, two concerned health care reform, two concerned the economy and the other three questions concerned Obama’s smoking, Latin America and financial regulation reform.

Despite Obama’s assertions to the contrary, his answers about Iran, were not consistent with what he has said previously.

Obama’s performance was not terrible, but was clearly his worst effort so far. Next time Obama should do more preparation. The honeymoon is ending.