Obama's speech to the Muslim world

Credit where credit is due. Obama, as I suggested he do a year ago, finally confronted his, and our Muslim issue.

The first 15 minutes of President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world was what I wanted to hear from candidate Obama a year ago. Had he given that portion of his speech during the presidential campaign much of the irrational fear of Obama as some sort of Muslim Manchurian candidate would have been relieved.

I found it Ironic that when Obama turned to democracy, religious freedom and women’s rights, the speech was reminiscent of the remarkable series of speeches President Bush gave about the advance of freedom.

This was one of President Obama’s more important speeches and he rose to the occasion and delivered a fine speech. There are numerous things about Obama’s speech to the Muslim world I could criticize, but I will save that for another article.

If you missed Obama’s speech you should invest the 30 minutes required to read, listen to, or watch the entire speech. Reading summaries, excerpts and critiques lets others do the thinking for you. Snippets can’t help you grasp the import, which you should have, especially if you want to disagree in a knowledgeable manner.

You can watch or read President Obama’s entire speech to the Muslim world here.