Obama: still saying one thing while doing the opposite

There President Obama goes yet again — saying one thing while doing the opposite.

After prodding by the White House, Congressional Democrats near a budget deal so Obama can have his spend too much, tax too much, borrow too much budget in place within his first 100 days.

President Obama’s budget includes a $1.75 trillion deficit so he can spend nearly $4 trillion in fiscal year 2010. The Congressional Budget Office predicts will Obama’s budget result in deficits of $9.3 trillion over ten years — $2.3 trillion more than the deficit estimated by the White House. And then, in this week’s Obama propaganda video, he has the audacity to call for fiscal discipline. Is he serious?

“We cannot sustain deficits that mortgage our children’s future, nor tolerate wasteful inefficiency.”

Too bad Obama doesn’t practice what he preaches.