Thousands join tax day TEA party protest in Hartford

In Hartford, part of New England which has only Democrat representation in D.C., the tax day Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party protest drew a crowd of thousands:

An anti-bailout, anti-stimulus “tea party” at the state Capitol in Hartford on Wednesday drew an estimated crowd of 3,000 to protest what they consider excessive government spending on the day that many Americans pay their federal and state taxes.

There is video from the Hartford TEA party. I can’t get it to work here, but you can watch it at the Courant or my Right Side Politics column at the Examiner.

The Hartford Tea Party was one of the hundreds held across the nation yesterday. In Connecticut, TEA party protests also took place in Greenwich, New Haven, New Milford, Norwich and Westerly.

As I said previously, contrary to the spin the spend too much, tax too much and borrow too much Democrats and their supporters in the still Obamamania infected mainstream media would have you believe, this is not a Republican or a Fox News movement. As Glenn Reynolds explains, the TEA party movement is a spontaneous grass roots protest.