Obama Administration defense cuts

Defense Secretary Robert Gates revealed the Obama Administration’s restructuring of the Pentagon’s top weapons priorities.

There was a lot of information thrown out in the Gates press briefing, but the biggest talking points are likely to be the cuts:

  • Stop the growth of Army Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) at 45 versus 48
  • Retire 250 of the oldest Air Force tactical fighter aircraft in FY10.
  • End production of the F-22 fighter at 187.
  • Not pursue a development program for a follow-on Air Force bomber until we have a better understanding of the need, the requirement, and the technology.
  • Reduce the Navy’s carrier force to 10 carriers after 2040.
  • Delay the CG-X next generation cruiser program.
  • Delay amphibious ship and sea-basing programs.
  • End the DDG-1000 destroyer program with the third ship.
  • “Complete” production of the C-17 airlifter program this fiscal year with the 205 already in the force and currently in production.
  • Terminate the VH-71 presidential helicopter program.
  • Terminate the Air Force Combat Search and Rescue X (CSAR-X) helicopter program.
  • Terminate the $26 billion Transformational Satellite (TSAT) program.
  • Cancel the planned increase the number of current ground-based interceptors in Alaska.
  • Cancel the second airborne laser (ABL) prototype aircraft.
  • Terminate the Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) program.
  • Cancel  the vehicle component of the Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) program.
  • Reduce the number of support service contractors from our current 39% to 26% and replace them with as many as 30,000 full-time government employees.

You can read Secretary Gates’ Budget Press Briefing here.