Obama launches propaganda war against Republicans

Mike Allen reports that as resistance builds against President Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda that spends too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much, Obama counters with propaganda bold enough to match his audacious attempt to move the nation far to the left:

The White House on Sunday began harnessing  every part of the Democratic Party’s machinery to defend President Obama’s budget and portray Republicans as reflexively political, according to party strategists.

Obama’s aides used the Sunday interview programs to launch the multifaceted and misleading propaganda assault:

  • On ABC’s “This Week,” White House economic adviser Larry Summers said the president had proposed a “strategic budget” that “will let us have a sound economic expansion” through a combination of “substantial cuts” and new spending on education, health, energy and environment.
  • The president himself plans to carry that message in the coming week, “engaging directly with Congress more, and speaking more forcefully on behalf of his budget,” a top adviser said.
  • The Obama grassroots network—now known as Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee—has launched an e-mail campaign to generate support for Obama’s extremist agenda.
  • The propaganda alliance — the administration, Congressional Democrat  leaders, outside groups and the DNC—are uniting for the propaganda war to try and deflect attention from the size of Obama’s budget and blunt attacks on Obama’s lurch to the far left.

Obama’s propaganda war, is so misleading it would bring a smile to the originators of the “big lie.”

The false idea behind Obama’s grand disinformation campaign is that Republicans are just saying “no” to the Obama agenda without offering their own alternative. This falsehood easily qualifies as a big lie. It is simply not true that Republicans are just saying no. As House Minority Whip Eric Cantor told David Gregory on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republicans did offer an alternative to Obama’s so-called stimulus bill, and they will issue their own budget proposal in the next few weeks.

According to Allen, the propaganda alliance hopes to at least change the conversation from criticism of the Obama agenda, the fact that Obama is going to raise taxes in the middle of a recession and Obama’s socialist tendencies.

Obama has invited the criticism with his huge bailout boondoggle and budget outline that calls for the largest deficit in U.S. history and a doubling of the national debt.

What is it that Republicans are actually saying no to?

  • Trillions in new spending.
  • Trillions in additional national debt.
  • An unpopular, earmark-laden spending bill that the President was too embarrassed to sign in public.
  • A new national energy tax.
  • Releasing Gitmo terrorists into the U.S.

No wonder Obama must resort to a big lie style propaganda war to support his lurch to the left.

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