The Obama first 100 days halftime report

Stepping back from the War On Terror, charges of socialism, throwing transparency under the bus, more spending than you can comprehend, tax cheats galore, picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh and never-waste-a-crisis fear-mongering.

All things considered, my halftime verdict is that, as yet another administration pick withdraws, it is still amateur hour as President Obama continues to lurch to the left and hopes he can drag the country with him.

President Obama does deserve credit for the progress he has made on keeping his 511 campaign promises:


  • 511 Campaign Promises
  • Promises Kept –17
  • Promises Compromised – 7
  • Promises Broken – 2
  • Promises Stalled on – 2
  • In the Works – 39
  • No Action – 446

Bill Adair, the Editor of PolitiFact and the Washington Bureau Chief for the St. Petersburg Times, writes that President Obama has accomplished the easy ones:

He’s gotten the low-hanging fruit of campaign promises. Nine of the 17 we’ve rated as Promises Kept did not require congressional approval and were accomplished through executive orders or simple presidential directives.

For his biggest promises, he has a mixed record. Of the ones on our Top 10 list, we’ve rated four In the Works, one Kept (Create foreclosure fund for homeowners), and one Compromise (create $500 tax credit for workers). The other four are rated No Action.


Obama’s popularity remains high. But Tuesday’s Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index rating of +6, is Obama’s lowest rating to date.