Obama's bailout boondoggle another step closer

Now that President Obama, the House and Senate Democrat leadership, and three Republicans have agreed upon the parameters of Obama’s now $789 billion bailout, unelected Democrat staffers, in
total secrecy
, will write the biggest spending bill in the country’s history in
total secrecy.

Today or tomorrow, Congress will vote blind, without having anything like a reasonable amount of time to read, let alone sufficient time to study, what will be 700-odd pages of legislation:

“It is a fiscally responsible number that reflects our efforts to truly focus this bill on programs and policies and tax relief that will help turn our economy around, create jobs and provide relief to the families of our country.” — Main Republican Senator Susan Collins

I could not disagree more.

A $789 billion spending bill, all of which will have to be borrowed and later repaid by our progeny, cannot possibly be “fiscally responsible.”

As for the Democrats’ Senate leader, Harry Reid’s statement that the bailout boondoggle will create 3.5 million jobs, we will spend more than a quarter of a million dollars for each job. What a waste.

We have previously discussed how Obama’s constantly changing goal of job creation was never enough.