Dial tone represents Ohio official's concern about voter fraud

Stealing Ohio, chapter five.

WTAM 1100’s Bob Frantz invited Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s Communications Director, Brian Clark, on air, to discuss the safeguards in place to prevent voter fraud in Ohio.

They had lively discussion about the court case which, before the Secretary of State got it reversed on appeal, ordered verification of Ohio’s newly registered voters.

When the conversation turned to specific allegations of ACORN voter registration fraud, Frantz’s interview ended exactly the same way as his last interview with a Secretary of State spokesman — a dial tone:

“The dial tone you hear right now is indicative of how concerned the Secretary of State in the state of Ohio is with voter fraud.”

You can listen to the conversation below:

Unfortunately, like ACORN’s relentless campaign to steal this election for the Democrats’ community organizer in chief through widespread voter registration fraud, this is not the first time the Ohio Secretary of State’s office has expressed concern over vote fraud with dial tone. You can listen to the previous conversation in which the office hung up on Franz rather than talk about safeguards in place to protect against voter fraud.

You can listen 2008 to Jeff Ortega, Spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, become frustrated and hang up when he is unable to explain what safeguards are in place to protect against voter fraud in Ohio in a YouTube clip here.

After next week, fraudulent voter registrations can no longer be challenged in Ohio. In a Fox News interview available here, former Ohio secretary of State Ken Blackwell explains what is at stake in Ohio with ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration.