RNC 8/31/08


After arriving in Minneapolis – Saint Paul I found fellow RedStaters, absentee and Adam C. absentee and I headed over to the Minneapolis Convention Center to get credentials. Before getting credentials absentee and I ran into an “interesting” parade/demonstration.

After enjoying the entertainment value provided by these folks, we got our credentials, and it was off to the reception/screening of An American Carol, where we caught up with Adam and Moe. If you don’t appreciate the anti-American views of the Michael Moore left wing extremists, and you liked the humor in movie Airplane you will want to see this movie.

Watch the following trailer:

After the screening, we were entertained by Code Pink protesters exercising their first amendment rights.


absentee and I then took off in search of more protesters, but all we found were the Ron Paul disciples.Img_0073

After discovering that the Rombots displayed no threat, it was time to find the RedState gang. We located Adam C., and Moe. Then we found Eric, Ben, Josh Trevino and Soren, and found a place to break bread and bend elbows. A good time was had by all, including numerous friends that stopped by to visit. And we were eventually joined by Mark Impomeni.