Biden - Plagiarism And Prevarication You Can Believe In

I’ve never had much use for Joe Biden. I simply can’t get past Biden’s plagiarism and Biden’s portrayal of his academic record which you can see in the following video:

Four of the boasts Biden made about his academic record are false:

  • Full Academic Scholarship – Biden actually received a partial scholarship from the university based on financial need.

  • Top Half of His Class – Biden finished 76th in his law class of 85.

  • Graduated With Three Degrees – Biden received a single degree, from the University of Delaware

  • Outstanding Student in the Political Science Department – Biden was considered, but the award was given to someone else.

I also don’t like Biden’s Macaca moments, such as Biden’s comments about Indian Americans in the following video:

I still can’t believe Obama, the Democrats’ presumptuous nominee, selected Biden as his running mate. Biden represents the exact opposite of Obama’s change mantra.