NAACP Gives McCain A Warm Welcome

Mark Carlson, reports Senator McCain received a warm welcome at the NAACP Convention:

John McCain told the NAACP and some skeptical black voters Wednesday that he will expand education opportunities, partly through vouchers for low-income children to attend private school.

[. . .]

We will pay bonuses to teachers who take on the challenge of working in our most troubled schools — because we need their fine minds and good hearts to help turn those schools around.

McCain promised to create more internet based learning tools:

I propose to direct 500 million dollars in current federal funds to build new virtual schools, and to support the development of online courses for students. Through competitive grants, we will allocate another 250 million dollars to support state programs expanding online education opportunities

McCain highlighted his support for school choice and vouchers, a major difference with Barack Obama and the teachers’ union:

Senator Obama dismissed public support for private school vouchers for low-income Americans as, “tired rhetoric about vouchers and school choice.” All of that went over well with the teachers union, but where does it leave families and their children who are stuck in failing school

Unlike Obama, McCain was “not afraid to take questions from the crowd and give answers that weren’t popular.”

Watch Carlson’s report in the following video:

In an editorial entitled “No to ‘conventional thinking,'” the Las Vegas Review-Journal praised McCain’s remarks to the NAACP Convention:

It’s lower taxes and school choice — not more handouts — that offer the best route out of poverty for blacks and other minorities, the Arizona senator said.

[. . .]

These are winning issues not because they necessarily draw immediate cheers from every side, but because — since freedom is always the answer — they can only gain strength over time, even as the coercive, top-down schemes of the redistributionists inevitably founder on the shoals of history.

You can read McCain’s entire speech here.