We Built It and We Were Successful

The arrogance of President Obama is beyond measure when he stated that “We do not believe that anybody is entitled to success in this country.”  Add that to his off-teleprompter statement: “You didn’t build that,” and you have the makings of a pretentious presidential candidate.  Every time one hears another gaff from this candidate’s mouth, the bar of Democratic Party leadership sinks lower.  Abandon ship all that follow this presidential candidate; save yourself or go down to the unfathomable depths of the “Titanic” and reside in disgrace on the scrap heap of political history.

Rather; be as supermen and women, and vote for truth, liberty and the American Republic way.  Then you will be allowed to build it and with hard work, succeed.  That is what the Minute Men and all our patriot forefathers fought for.  We deserve nothing less.