I lasted almost 10 minutes on MyBarackObama.com

After reading the story posted here this morning about anti-Semitic material on Barack Obama’s official website, I took the suggestion I saw on a message board I frequent. They wondered how long it would last if someone went to MyBarackObama.com and posted pro-Hillary Clinton material. (Some anti-Semitic material has been on his site since March…see screen shot that was taken just this morning).

At 12:01 p.m. (CDT) I posted back on the message board that I would volunteer to go over and try something like that.

Ten minutes later, my post was already gone. In that 10 minutes, I had to create an account, sign in, upload an avatar and write a blog post (copied and pasted from here). All in all, the post could not have lasted all of that 10 minutes, since the preliminary steps had to take at least a minute or two of that time.

If they can quickly remove a post that is less than favorable to Obama in less than 10 minutes, what is their excuse for allowing anti-Semitic material to stay on the site for over 4 months?