Conservative Army, Not Conservative Underground

The perception that Conservatives are part of an underground, implies that we have conceal our activities, sneak around to meet with other conservatives, and to hide our intentions, beliefs and desires to return this nation to the principles on which it was founded.

I respectfully disagree with those who proudly proclaim and acknowledge a Conservative Underground.   We are now, as perhaps never before faced with challenges which many thought we would never have to face.  So called Moderates and Republicans surrender their principles in the name of compromise, it is not compromise when you give, and give and give, without getting anything in return.

It is the belief that attributes relating core moral, ethical and fairness are passed on from parent to child over the generations since the birth of this nation.  That our contemparies are facing these challenges in their lives, their work and in their politics.  That for the sake of the generations that will come we must do all we can to restore the best traditions of this country which have been paid for by the sweat, blood, tears and treasure of millions of Americans over these past years.

It is with a sincere belief in conservatives, regardless of party affiliation, regardless of previous level of participation to come together and unite proudly proclaiming their beliefs.  We are not aConservative Underground, we ARE the Conservative Army, and we’re on the march.