One if By Land

Two if By Sea

They’re already among us

Better Light Three


Some see the outcry by citizens in opposition as a fluke, an apparition, nothing more than smoke and mirrors, simply a parlor trick.


That is because they see it through the prism of worn out colored spectacles which have distortions on the lenses and the frames are bent and broken, with lose screws holding the ear pieces together.


Fundamentally, they cannot see any clearer because they know they are blind without some assistance, unfortunately they choose to use the glasses given them instead of looking for better options, they do as they are told, they make do.


If they would once again be one of the people, they would be given the equivalent of Lasik surgery. But we all know that they cannot do it, they coddle the masses, they infer that despite the fact we do read what their staffers write, that we do actually dissect the cadavers they call Bills, and somehow we still get it wrong.  Therefore they know what is in these atrocities and will do what is best for us.  This arrogance, this elitism is what is producing the outcry. 


There is a magic involved, the incantations they spew in support of a government running roughshod over the governed, the mindless repeating of the daily talking points which is used to drone on and on, to lull us into a hypnotic state, has become so predictable, so obvious, that the magic is gone.


So to all of the cast of thousands, the administration, senators, congressman, their staffers  and the agitators they prop up and pay to put on these performances we say “Fold your Tents” and “Pack your props” because we want our money back!