For So God So Loved The World.....

It is written “For God so loved the world…” those of faith know the remaining passage.  But, if we believe that, than an argument can be made that, God also loved the world by allowing the forming of this nation. Reading the various documents, papers, diaries and opinions of our earliest days, we see that groups and collections of men and women were guided to their places and action, by inner strengths.  This inner strength was drawn from their belief in something bigger than themselves. 


It is hard to understand what some in this country want, as I think they do not know themselves.  We see coalitions of environmentalists, feminists and other special interest groups coming together to support policies and legislation which few understand.  We on the other hand, although diverse in our backgrounds have come together, not to push an agenda which further dilutes what makes this country great, but rather to push back against those who are in at times ignorant of ramifications of their agendas.


When we are made to feel guilty because some segment of our society feels they have been wronged, or that a particular cause has to be supported based on inaccurate or misleading data or projections, than we as a people are the ones who again bear the brunt of the policy change. This government has overextended its authority, but we for far too long have allowed those elected officials to erode not only our confidence in those officials, but our freedoms as well.


It is true that in a representative republic that we do select people to represent us, but it seems that maintaining their position and power immediately overshadows their perhaps legitimate goal of serving the people. 


It cannot be allowed to stand, that a farmer can no longer be allowed to provide for his family and the community because some creature decided to take up residence in the middle of his fields.


We cannot be compelled to pay increasing fuel taxes when we use less fuel and the coffers of the government run low.


No one should be able to intimidate or repress the free exchange of ideas and information through whatever means available, when the consequences of not having the exchange is so severe.

The elected officials must adapt to the will of the people, less they risk losing the power, privilege and importance they have grown addicted to.  We have to continue to hold them accountable for the hap hazard way in which they conduct the people’s business.


There are those who on one hand say we have to be part of the community of the world, yet on the other if we have to use our might to protect the lives of others, those same people say we are imperialists.


Corporations are pressured to hire more employees, yet are demonized by politicians for their profits or other factors; at least until it is campaign time, then they want contributions from those very same corporations or their employees.



The United States must change course and return to the simple, yet prophetic principals of our beginning, failure to do so risks not only our way of life, but the entire free world.


When disaster strikes in the world in whatever form, and the U.S. is not there, where will they turn?