History Repeats

History Repeating

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Well in the 1920’s and 30’s there was a charismatic entity who rose to power quickly by playing on the anger and fear of his nation.
He used the crisis of the day to validate his actions and told the assembled crowds (small at first) what he saw as being wrong with the country and its path.

Today we have the same type of mentality. We have elected a power hungry egotistical charmer who is determined to put his stamp on history. He has willing accomplices who cow tow before him and his policies, which begs the question, where is the power?

How can senior members of the elected bodies of both the house and senate be so afraid of this one man? Who are the ones who come in the dark of night to arm twist and threaten their political lives if they fail to fall in line? We may never really know the answer to that.

Now we have union members who openly and now apparently violently try to suppress the average citizen who dare speak against this leader, his surrogates and his policies. It was not long ago that vocal opposition was said by a senior administration official to be our patriotic duty, oh wait that was if you were speaking against the previous administration.

If the so called media were true journalists, they might was to explore and expose the links between these thugs and the various organizations of which they belong. I am confident that there would be someone who would not mind being paid for the inside scoop. But that is not likely to happen, as thye are complicit in the dismantling of this nation and our way of life.

The blue shirts of today are no less dangerous than the brown shirts of the SA in the late 20’s and 30’s. If it were not for the decline of the educational system in this country, these people might actually remember their history and not openly participate in this intimidation. I doubt if any of them would recognize themselves and their actions if it were put in the context of those years of Germany, even though the actions (if not the intent) are very similar.

So because of the decline of education, the rise of ignorance, the fact that they are more interested in Reality TV as opposed to the reality happening around them, they are willing sheep thinking that they are doing something vital for their union as opposed to doing something against their nation.

I guess the words “Never Again” have also been lost and forgotten.
Don’t back down, don’t be intimidated and if (God forbid) you are injured in an encounter with these Obama Raiders sue them, their union leaders and the union itself. Use their tactics against them, if you can’t find a lawyer who will support your claims there is always small claims court.