Not Underground, Not in Exile

We founded Conservative Army Gear, USA (CAGUSANET.com) because we do not believe that we should be hidden away.  With all due respect to Sean Hannity and others, we are not part of the Conservative Underground, we are not Conservatives in Exile.  We are a large portion of this society, which is not militant, not advocates of violence, or hate or intolerance (especially when directed against us).  We are the silent majority who can ill afford to be silent any longer.

We have stood by and watched our education system fail our children.  We have hoped that illegal immigration would be turned back at a secure border.  We have prayed that our elected officials would see the immediate needs of the masses, not the special interests, and do the right things.  We have been passed by, dissappointed and ignored by those who have taken the seats of power in our state and national capitals.

But of the many things we aren’t, there is a common thread which runs through hundreds of thousands of households across this nation.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent, we share inate beliefs which are not limited to morality, independence, self reliance and drive to succeed in what ever we choose to do to either improve our personal circumstance or the betterment of others. 

These beliefs and personal truths make us who we are.  We are proud to be Americans.  We do not shy away from reflecting upon our shortcomings, but we prefer to proclaim the good of this nation and we as a people.  We Conservatives are an Army, we are not an underground to be kept in the shadows for fear of being outted as a radical.  We are not in exile, we are here, we are now and we are on the march.

What we do, we do for the good of the nation, so that this great experiment may continue to thrive and be to the rest of the world a haven for the oppressed, the opportunity for the enterprising, and the defender against tyranny, dictators and other despits across the globe.

Within each of us, there is this thread, this continuity.  Regardless of race, religion, gender, or any other label those who oppose us use to divide, we share the seed of freedom which for most of us was planted in our subconcious at an early age.  It is not indoctrination, but rather education of those principals in life which will shape how we see ourselves and our country.

“From our Fathers and Mothers, To our Brothers and Sisters, For our Sons and Daughters” do not be made to feel that you are somehow in an Underground, or in Exile.  Get informed, get Involved and proudly proclaim to  all who will hear you that you are part of the Conservative Army, and you are fighting for their rights as well as your own.  Don’t apologize, don’t cower, and don’t let anyone tell you that being a conservative makes you anything other than what you know you are. 

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