The Family BBQ Just Went South

Kat-Mo over at Ace of Spades sums this whole “Sarah Palin, the backwater rube, screwed us all” nonsense. Go read it. All of it. And then laugh at the sheer truth of it all. WARNING-Language alert.

Just to tease you-

“…In the first episode at the family BBQ, everybody had just shown up and were standing around until Cousin Sarah appeared. In today’s episode, we join the family BBQ two kegs in and somewhat worse for wear.

Yes, you have been to those kinds of parties, even with the family, where some folks have obviously tapped the keg one too many times. There they are, holding court in the middle of the yard, drunk as h#ll, yelling at the top of their lungs all of the deep dark family squabbles while sloshing that half empty plastic cup of beer around. The squabbles that everybody agreed to never speak about at family gatherings except in whispers for the very reason that we see now: somebody gets pissed off and leaves the party.

Even if somebody finally gets Uncle Dumb#ss or Aunt Big Mouth under control and gets their spouse to drive them home, it is too late. The party is over and everybody is making excuses and exiting stage left as if the last great plague had just descended.”

Ah, this had me laughing like crazy. And Lord knows I need a laugh or two right about now.