A PUMA Rant Worth Reading

I will confess that being on RS depresses me these days as does Malkin. It seems like we are losing our fire in the belly and are quick to b*tch about Johnny Mac for the heck of it. Well, I want to win and I sure wish we could get that fire back.

I read NoQuarter daily to gauge the PUMAs. Honestly, they have more fire than us and they give me better hope. Yeah, yeah, I am now sporting a tinfoil hat. Sue me. Anyway, this rant over there sums it all up for me.

Obama and his supporters have been complaining the last couple of days, accusing the McCain campaign creating mob mentalities. I have read that they are forming lynching mobs, stirring up anger, and causing division. And, you know what? The people ARE mad. But you can’t blame it on John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Just a little smattering of red meat for you here-

People are pissed off at the attacks they have endured, from Obama supporters, for months. People are pissed off at being threatened with riots, should Obama lose. People are disgusted with Obama’s major flip flops. People are worried, since learning, about Obama’s socialist past. People are freaked out by the Obama worship, the militant like groups, the blue shirts, the Hitler-esque salutes and symbols, and the children singing videos. People are pissed off that Obama has very few accomplishments, and is given a pass. People are pissed off that Obama is caught saying one thing publicly and another thing privately, and is given a pass.

Seriously, go read it all. My guess is you will agree with every single point.