Ace of Spades vs. Barack's Truth Squad

As I have become more cynical about this whole election, I find myself at http://www.ace.mu.nu/

home to Ace of Spades more and more.

I just wandered over there to check in before heading to bed and found this waiting for me.

Truth Squad this. If prosecutors are going to threaten those who “lie” about Obama, I guess we’ll just have to start preparing the truth-is-a-defense-to-libel ground.


Ace has found an old document from Barack’s Indonesian school days.Hmm…religion-Islam. Citizenship-Indonesian. So now we have documents listing Barack as US citizen, an Indonesian citizen and a Kenyan citizen. So which is it? Before you all think I’m crazy, I know full well Barack is a US citizen. However, I do think it fair that the public be reminded that he has led quite an interesting life and given his propensity to slam the US on the international stage, one might wonder exactly where his loyalties would lie when push came to shove.

Personally, I think Ace is baiting David Axelrod. And frankly, I love it.