Dobson Is On Board Now!

I know many of you here think James Dobson is a quack, detriment to the cause, etc… But we can not deny that he is a vocal force for Evangelical Christians and that many, many people listen to what he says and take it to heart.Via Townhall-

Dobson: You know, Dennis, the things that concern me about John McCain are still there. I made those comments not just based on emotions, but based on his record and some of the things that took place—embryonic stem cell research, and other things, the campaign finance, and other things. Those are still there. So, there’s still concerns. But I tell you, when I look at the choices that are ahead and what the implications are for this country, and now especially with this selection, with just an outstanding V.P. candidate as a running mate, I tell you what I am relieved and very excited.

Make of it what you will, but I think this is very good for our side. Colorado will be critical this year. Having Dobson’s enthusiatic support is huge. It may well be the difference between who sits in the Oval Office and it may well help hold that Senate seat.