Something Stinks in Michigan

Democratic National Convention via AP

Like many of you, I’ve been actively researching anger management counseling to quell my abject rage over what we are witnessing. I’m in Michigan and the feelings here in this state, in the day’s leading up to election, were electric. People I know who have voted Democrat their entire lives were going vote for our great President. Ever since I made the egregious mistake of writing in a candidate in 2016, I’ve been fervently waiting to seize the opportunity to cast my first vote for our conservative champion and usher in a new golden age for the Republican Party.

As we settled in to watch the results, everything seemed to be going our way. The news from the Trump Campaign on the ground, all over the country, was nothing but certainty. The Dow futures were up dramatically, the betting odds slowly began to shift, and the President’s lead in Florida was seemingly a lock. Then things started to take a strange turn.

Fox News refused to call Florida for the President, but called Virginia immediately for Biden. Within 30 minutes of Arizona’s polls closing, Fox News called it for the Biden Team, a call another news outlet has since retracted. My family and I were beside ourselves, and it’s at this point I began to see a nervous shift in the behavior of the Fox News Team.

It was clear to me, all of my fears about this election where coming to fruition. Everything President Trump warned us about, began racing through my mind at a break-neck pace. I went into the kitchen to chug a half a bottle of vino and suppress those ugly thoughts, at least for the time being. I sought comfort in President Trump’s massive leads in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Finally Indiana was called for the President, followed by Florida, and then Texas! This is more like it I thought, as I chugged the other half of the wine bottle, finally vanquishing those whispers of despair which managed temporarily surface earlier. At this point, like a testosterone fueled teenager hopped up on Mountain Dew, I felt we were invincible!

As the night came to a close and the early morning dragged on, my liquid courage began to wain. It was hard to remain positive as there were virtually no additional results to cheer anyone up. The counting slowed to a crawl right as November 3rd came to a close and then completely ceased a short while after. With my wife finally retiring to bed, I had decided to get some work done while I continued to monitor results.

This was when I noticed something obviously painful right round 5:40am with President Trump’s lead in Wisconsin. I was literally clicking from battleground state to battleground state to see if any of the totals had changed since I had last check and as I was doing so, I watched in real time Wisconsin turn blue. No way I thought, Trump was up over 100,000 votes last time I had checked?

That was the moment you could see a clear injection of over a 100,000 Biden ONLY ballots. That’s right, the President’s total didn’t change by one single vote. I could not believe what I was seeing! The Dems were stealing the election, there was no other plausible explanation I could conceive. This was all the drama I could tolerate and I decided I would get a few hours sleep before having to face the workday. Of course, we all know what happened the day after the election, we all witnessed President Trump’s leads in several key states vanish.

Ironically, I’m not sure if this was karma’s way of punishing me for past transgressions or what, but I was on my phone checking vote totals Wednesday morning around 9:55am when I witnessed Michigan turn blue. I thought to myself again, no way, this is not possible! Sure enough, another massive Biden ONLY injection of roughly 200,000 votes were fraudulently incorporate into the race.

This is something way different from the voter fraud Republicans have promulgated in the past my friends and I urge all of you to start paying attention immediately. You and I have had a chance to lick our wounds and now it’s time to start working together to shine the light on every instance of voter fraud we can find. There is no rational explanation for what the Dems have managed to pull off unless we are to believe Joseph R. Biden is the greatest candidate the Democrats have ever put up in a Presidential Election. Since we know that is the farthest thing from the truth, the only alternative is rampant fraud.

Has anyone discerned the actual results here in Michigan? In Kent County, a traditional conservative bastion, which has only broke for a Democrat Presidential Candidate 4 times since 1884, Joe Biden managed to out performed President Trump by roughly 21,000 votes. To put that into perspective, the last time Kent County broke for a Democratic Presidential Nominee was in 2008, when then Senator Barak Obama eked past Senator John McCain by approximately 1000 votes. Has any Democrat actually bothered to listened to Joe Biden speak recently, this man is a walking disaster. How the hell did he garner more votes than the messiah back in 2008?

Now we are finding out that in Antrim County, Michigan, over 6000 votes were inappropriately cast for Biden due to a ballot machine “software glitch” that has since been corrected. However, that’s not the real story! Dominion software was not only used in Antrim County, it was also used in over 47 out of 83 Michigan Counties.

Let me repeat that! On the day of the election, a software glitch in Antrim County, Michigan, caused several President Trump votes to be allocated to Joe Biden. After someone finally noticed the unofficial results in Antrim County on election night were a complete inverse of their official results in 2016, phone calls were made. This lead to a hand count of the ballots in Antrim County and resulted in an approximent 6000 vote change, in favor of the President.

In the days since the election, we’ve learned of several reported instances of voter fraud. Project Veritas has received information from a USPS whistleblower, detailing the intentional backdating of ballots. If you listen to the MSM, we are told this a lie because according to Michigan Law-Section 168.764a, absentee(mail-in) ballots must be received on Election Day by the time the polls close. However, what the MSM isn’t telling you is that there are amended orders issued by Governor Half Whitmer, which outline an exception to this rule.

These can be found in chapter six of the Election Official’s Manual – Michigan Bureau of Elections, dated October 2020. According to these rules, ballots received by the USPS after the last drop off is made to the clerk’s office on Election Day, must also be counted. Backdating these ballots would allow for the USPS to maintain these were ballots received on Election Day, but after the last delivery could me made to the clerk’s office.

We also have several instances of dead people on our voter rolls here in Michigan. We’ve discovered some of the oldest human beings ever recorded in history are on voter rolls in Wayne County. We’ve learned GOP poll watchers were thrown out of Democrat controlled Detroit counting facilities. Now we are finding out, the same Dominion software used in 47 Michigan Counties, was also used in roughly 38 other states including Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Am I the only one who sees the significance in this breaking development?

These are extraordinary anomalies which warrant investigation, to ensure other votes for President Trump weren’t adversely affected. Will this information result in flipping Michigan back to President Trump, no one knows yet? However, I think we can all agree on the fact that this is sort of pap we need to acknowledge happened and the election results need to be challenged in every one of these states. I don’t know if everyone smells the same thing I do, but something sure stinks here in Michigan.

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