"My Vote Doesn't Matter"

"My Vote Doesn't Matter"
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How many times have you or someone you’ve known uttered the phrase: “My vote doesn’t matter”? Several of us, regardless of our personal views, find ourselves living in a state that votes the opposite of our political preferences. For example, I live in the great state of Michigan but I’m a diehard conservative. Do you have any idea how awful it was when Governor Half Whitmer was elected in the blue wave of 2018? It was brutal, her leadership continues to impact and harm my family. Given that 2016 was my fourth national election in which I was eligible to vote, you can imagine my revelry when I first heard President-Elect Donald J. Trump. However, much of that jubilance was tarnished because I failed to vote for him and that is something I regret to this day.

For the record, while I’ve acknowledged this in previous writings, I want to make it clear that I wrote in a candidate for 2016 because I didn’t think my vote mattered. Yes, there were other reasons as well, I had doubts about a President Trump, but my red vote having no impact in a blue state was a big part of it. Not surprisingly, I almost immediately regretted that vote and I was the first to admit I was wrong about President Trump. He’s arguably the finest conservative leader this country has ever had. Sure, he’s rough around the edges but so are most Americans. That’s what so many people adore about the President, he’s genuine, gruff, and he doesn’t mince words. With a President Trump, you can be assured he will do what he says and say what he thinks.

For younger conservatives like me, he’s the only Republican President we’ve had a chance to watch in action. W. was an absolute joke, I have nothing but contempt for his presidency, and I’m not alone by the way. The GOP brand was almost decimated by the George W. Bush administration. I was far more disgusted and ashamed by the fact I called myself a Republican during W.’s last 4 years than I have ever been under President Trump’s leadership. In fact, it was W.’s administration that caused me to start telling people I was a conservative as opposed to a Republican.

Too many of our leaders, on both sides, have let us down tremendously over the last 28 years. Even the all mighty Barak Obama, was an enormous let down for many people, especially within the minority communities. Does anyone truly believe we elect a Trump Presidency if Obama did such a great job, no way? Should that be a surprise, our leaders have increasingly shown more concern for what the world thinks about them than the people they were hired to lead? Sadly, many of these leaders grew up being taught, and foolishly believing, they are better than you, and the average American. How can you lead a nation when you believe large swaths of it’s population are beneath you? Well, the fact of the matter is, you can’t and our past leaders weren’t trying to lead us, they were trying to rule us.

President Trump has been a different kind of leader. President Trump has demonstrated he’s trying to liberate us from the clutches of the elites and their visions of what’s best for us. He’s promised to set the stage and tell the story of an America first presidency. So far, for his first act, he’s done just that. He’s fought back against globalism, big tech, NATO, terrible trade deals, China, the military industrial complex, the entertainment/pop culture, socialism, gun grabbers, religious bigots, the media, the deep state, and most importantly, the Democrats. He’s portrayed as the most hated man in the world because he’s up ending the establishment. He’s disrupting these peoples consolidation of money and power, and they are fighting back ferociously. It’s not happenstance the President seems like he’s fighting an almost insurmountable battle, he is. The power being welded against him, foreign and domestic, is absolutely terrifying. However, keep in mind, it’s really the people that elected him they are fighting against and if he looses it’s his voters they will come after next. After all, he was not the symptom but the result.

This should be prevalent to anyone paying attention to what’s going on. His administration has done things prior administrations only dreamed of. A multitude of those accomplishments have been concealed from the average voter and the media only covers negative stories. Most of the time, the negative stories are contrived by the media with the help of deep state leakers. The information suppression the left, the media conglomerates, and the social media giants are engaging in right now should scare everyone to death. Never would I have guessed these people would be so dumb to unmask their political bias, but they have and it’s deeply concerning. All of this has turned an election the President should be running away with, to an epic battle with a buffoon like Joe Biden. If it weren’t for these powerful forces and bad actors I’ve mentioned, this would not be a close race. Luckily, President Trump has something the elites and the globalists weren’t expecting and that’s the American people.

That’s right, this election is still ours to decide. For the second time in my lifetime, nationally speaking, my vote in Michigan matters! For those of you in deep blue states, your votes matter! The only way we begin to beat these these people back and reclaim this great nation for decades to come, is to politically break them. To do that we need to hammer them into submission and this can only be achieved with a massive victory at the polls. He needs to not only win the electoral college, but he also needs to win the popular vote. It is also imperative we maintain our majority in the Senate and it’s critically important we take back the House of Representatives.

So, for those of you who don’t think your vote matters, this year it does! Show the establishment, the globalists, the elitists, that we chose freedom, we chose liberty, we chose America, we chose President Donald J. Trump. Join one of the broadest coalitions of Republicans, Independents, and Democrats in our historic journey to restore this great nation and re-electing President Trump. Together, we can preserve and strengthen the greatest experiment human beings have ever engaged in, The United States of America. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see President Trump’s second act. As the President and his campaign are fond of saying, the best is yet to come and I believe him.

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