My Christmas Wish: Unification of the Republican Party Around President Donald J. Trump

Day after day, I continue to find articles and op-eds trashing our conservative President and the GOP. Pathetically, most of them are written by so called Republicans and conservatives. I’m unable to fathom how we plan to prevail in another national election when we can’t even support the current gift we should be celebrating on a daily basis. In any other country, the status quo, the establishment would have all but guaranteed Hillary Clinton’s historical victory. Only in America, could a miracle in the heartland, solidify our own historically significant triumph, blessing this great country and it’s citizens. Yet, here we are, complaining at every turn as if the liberals were controlling the Whitehouse.

I implore all of you so called Republicans to take a minute and visualize a Hillary Clinton Presidency up to this point; are any of you woke yet? I’m not trying to be redundant here, but for the sake of this discussion I feel compelled to remind everyone reading this, I too refused to vote for Donald J. Trump. In 2016, both my wife and I went into our respective voting booths, literally terrified for the future, as we wrote in our preferred candidate. Effectively throwing away our votes for the first time in our voting lifetime, neither of us could see any other way to live with our choice. However, there is a huge difference between me and all of you, I’m not a liberal Democrat pretending to be a Republican. In fact, I’m a conservative who happens to caucus with the Republicans out of obligation and lack of genuine representation in a major political party.

Our inability to vote with confidence for Donald J. Trump was deeply rooted in fear of his liberal past. His past political donations, affiliations, and associations, all were a cause of concern for any Reaganite. After two years of viewing President Trump’s actions and policies through a conservative lens, we have been tremendously pleased with his administration. I’m absolutely disgusted with many of you, who trash this President while you conveniently forget your beloved neocon “W.”, who gave us the largest entitlement expansion predicating the disaster known as Obamacare. My God people, the only previous conservatism most millennials can identify with are H.W. and W. Bush, and you’re worried about Donald J. Trump imprint on the GOP?

In the last month I’ve read some pretty pathetic articles attacking our President written by people on the left. The two worst were written by a so called Republican on the right. One argued how they will never vote for Trump in 2020, no matter what he does and how the GOP can only survive if a knight in shining moderate armor comes forth to primary Trump. The other article was premised in the notion the GOP must embrace identity politics or die. These two ideas are not only highly dubious but they are the most feeble and desperate attempts, by a faux Republican, to sway conservative opinion I’ve ever encountered. The idea Trump won’t get re-elected is a joke and merely wishful thinking by the left! The reality that the Dems can’t win with one of the 20 liberal morons he’s likely to face is more apropos.  Moreover, anyone who doesn’t understand a healthy and thriving US capitalist economy is blind to human identity because it overwhelmingly benefits everyone within her breadth, is in fact a liberal.

Please stop attacking our President and get behind him. We have a very unique opportunity to start taking back this country and Trump has already gotten started. Openly embracing our President’s politics and unifying the GOP under one principle, conservatism, doesn’t mean you must open a Twitter account and subscribe to his feed. No one is asking you to like him as a person or forcing your children to watch his speeches for mentorship. I am asking you to drop your condescending conception of what a GOP President Trump means and showcase some enthusiasm for someone who is finally fighting for conservative America. Please allow me to leave you with this, you will likely have several opportunities to hate your future Democrat appointed Presidents, but this may be your last opportunity to hate another representing the Republican Party, so wouldn’t you rather cheer him on?  The 2018 ballot harvesting in California alone, should serve to validate my point.


I bid a heartfelt and enthusiastic Merry Christmas to all of you and your families. God Bless America!