Morning in America: WAKE UP!

It pains me to have to write this, but following the recent loss of a Senate seat in Arizona, which should have been ours without contest, it is time for a reckoning. I did not vote for Trump (Editor’s note: I wrote in a candidate in 2016), and I know many of you on the conservative side of the isle didn’t either. However, that doesn’t change the fact this may be our last chance to change the tide in this country. Arizona is a perfect example of what is happening all over the United States, particularly in red states.

While I didn’t vote for Trump, I have been pleasantly surprised with his policy implementation and conservative firebrand. I’ve also found some appreciation for his attempts at leadership, even if they have their shortcomings. His barnstorming leading up to the midterm elections was epic to say the least and arguably the reason we won the three Senate races we did. It certainly demonstrated how Trump has ascended to take his rightful place as face of the Republican Party. However, it’s time to come to grips with the fact we just got our rear end handed to us. This trouncing was brought to you by an utter lack of leadership and branding, something that relentlessly plagues the GOP. Trump may be taking the lead and very well may have assumed control of the Republican Party, but if anyone actually believes as a political party we are “winning”, you’re delusional.

The GOP is on the brink of failing to capture another national election. If Arizona doesn’t demonstrate for you what I’m speaking to, then keep reading, I’ll explain. With Trump at the helm, America has a pulse again and it’s exciting. I think most of us are more optimistic about our futures than we have been over the last 18 years. I would be remiss if I failed to mention my own excitement. I personally didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 because I thought he was the only Republican who couldn’t mount a victory against the Clinton machine.

I was elated, as the votes came in, to face my own fallibility and concede that I was wrong. In fact, it’s perfectly clear to me now, Trump was the only GOP candidate who could have won. So please don’t misunderstand me, I’m cognizant of the Trump miracle that blessed us in 2016. However, that was only one battle, in a series of many, and it’s time to wage this war. Please pardon my analogy, as I’m not advocating for or condoning violence, I’m am merely urging my fellow Conservatives and Republicans to start looking at the big picture. It’s time to ensure the Democrats are wiped off the political map. These are not the anti-immigration, gun toting, god fearing, and America loving Democrats of yesteryears. These are ravenous, radical, hateful, anti-American, socialist, leftists who need to be defeated if we want any chance of securing the future of our America in her liberties.

While it may seem everything is on the proverbial upswing, but, politically speaking, it’s not. The 2018 midterms should have made this crystal clear for everyone on the right. With how well everything is going in this country, we shouldn’t have suffered the losses we did. Just take the exit polls for example: the two biggest drivers for voters were #1 healthcare and #2 the economy. Did anyone bother telling the country the GOP made it a point to preserve pre-existing conditions when they passed the Obamacare repeal and replace in the House? Did anyone bother touting the best economy the US has had since Eisenhower left office? The answer is a resounding, NO!

I’m sorry but we lacked any national message going into the midterms. Much of that was because we had an inept Speaker who decided to retreat in shame, only further stifling our promulgation efforts. Part of it also resulted from our contentment, coupled with our complacency, falsely contrived from basking in the comforting glow of our 2016 triumph. Well, I hope that glow diminished the morning after the midterms, when realizing we lost over 40 House seats. I pray I’ve got your attention after you recognize a Democrat just won a Senate seat in Arizona, something that hasn’t been done in over 30 years!

Over the last two years, Conservatives and Republicans endured the two most important elections of our lives. I’m sorry, are you tired of hearing this talking point, this rhetoric, this hyperbole? Too bad, you need to get used to it, because every election going forward is going to be the most important election of your lifetime if you’re a Republican! Every election going forward is going to be paramount to preserving and defending this country’s founding principles and generous liberties.

We need to come to terms with the fact we have a war to wage. I understand many on the right find this pill to be unpalatable, but it’s time for you to swallow it. Not only were the losses suffered during the midterms catastrophic, but they’re only going to embolden the left, who continues to become more extreme. I’m not sure about how most of you feel, but I’m scared to death with how well some of the Democrat’s extreme leftwing candidates faired in the GOP’s backyard.

America should have shown these ardent leftists their policies are non-starters. Instead of sending them walking away with their tails between their legs, since it was so close, they are invigorated and actively trying to steal victories in Georgia and Florida. I can’t stress enough how important these next two-four years are and how stacked the odds are against us. We need a leader and it’s time to begin articulating conservatism to the country again. If the President and GOP leadership doesn’t what to do carry that burden, then we need to find someone who can.

There is countless evidence showing the Democrats can’t win in the arena of ideas and that they shy from revealing their true agenda, so it’s time to exploit their weakness. I’m not arguing against Trump in 2020, in fact, I’m all in for him. He’s proven to me he is a conservative, willing to take on the Democrats, and he loves this country, for that I commend him. However, he fails at what Reagan did best when it comes to touting conservative principles and we need someone by his side extoling the virtues of conservatism. If our President can’t do it, then we need to figure out who in the GOP leadership can, because like it or not my fellow conservatives, President Donald J. Trump is our only shot at getting our country back.