Trey Gowdy R-SC Waxes Eloquent over Fast and Furious

I wanted to share this video of Trey Gowdy from South Carolina’s 4th District speaking in a session of Congress over the Fast and Furious contempt discussion.  Rep. Gowdy has all the subtly of a chain saw and says what most of us feel about this issue.  He holds back no punches and addresses not only the problems with the Administration, but how Congress is wasting it’s time with frivolous issues like baseball and Steven Colbert.

I am very proud to be from Rep. Gowdy’s district in SC and know that we sent a good one up to the big house.  I only wish that more of those that were sent would have the moral courage and character to stand for what is right and not let political expediency and political pressure stand in the way of justice.

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