Government Health Care Disaster

First of all, I am a physician in the state of Kansas.  This whole health care debacle terrifies me on multiple levels, from the total disregard for the Constitution by our elected officials, to the devastating impact it will have on the quality of health care we receive.  Scott Brown is a glimmer of hope and I pray that he wins, but what has the Republican Party allowed itself to become if it can’t even win enough popular support to defend the once unquestionable American values of liberty, personal freedom and right to privacy.  We as a peple seem willing to give up liberty for a “right” to health care or any other of a number of government handouts.

I for one am sick of it.  Let’s hope we can change things.  I think we need to start at home with our families and communities and work our way outward in ever expanding circles to reclaim the principles our nation was founded on.

I am trying to at least have a little fun in the process.  I have recently discovered Xtranormal.com thanks to Greg Gutfeld on Fox News’ Red Eye and decided to start my own cartoon series on health care as I imagine it would be under Government control. I hope to at least make people stop and think.  Maybe some of you will enjoy them

Government Health Care #1
Government Health Care #2
Government Health Care #3

More to come as I get time.

Bill Weatherford

Tonganoxie, KS