Let's Support Uber, Lyft, and Free Markets.

Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft offer customers added choices in transportation. Unfortunately in big cities like Atlanta, governments have erected barriers to entering the taxi business by requiring taxi drivers purchase expensive “medallions” and limiting how many taxis can operate in their cities. These regulations artificially raise prices and stifle innovation.

In some cities around America, government officials have even threatened Uber and Lyft drivers with arrest, and had their cars impounded. Here in Atlanta, taxi medallion owners have sued Uber drivers trying to prevent them from being in business.

These types of policies harm low and moderate income people by preventing them from entering a business that could lift them out of poverty. The taxi industry is just one example of government policies that, while well meaning, harm families. Georgia requires licenses and training for a host of jobs. Some of these requirements are necessary but often times they are not – to the detriment of honest hard working people. Let’s do away with needless regulations and allow the free market to work. Customers will be better off with more choices and jobs will be created, allowing people to provide for themselves and their families.

Below is my commercial called “Ride Share Freedom” that makes this point:

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