Georgians Have No Need To Fear Boycotts.

From an editorial column I wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A widely reported study by the left-wing Center For American Progress suggests Arizona’s tourism industry suffered a $141 million loss as a direct result of the passage of its illegal immigration reform bill. No nonpartisan group has produced an economic impact study of the effect of these boycotts.

What the Center for American Progress doesn’t tell you is that tourists spend $19.3 billion in Arizona each year. In other words, the boycott of Arizona, which has received tremendous coverage in the national media, caused a three-quarters-of-1-percent drop in tourism revenue, according to the calculations distributed by this one partisan group.

Has the boycott been successful? Let each reader decide for themselves, but I for one am not impressed.

Tourism is a $31.3 billion industry in Georgia. It is understandable that folks in that industry would work to protect Georgia’s image. However, those who say Gov. Deal should veto HB 87 because of the potential of a less than 1 percent drop in tourism revenue are on shaky ground.

An improving national economy will have a greater positive impact than any negative effect from organized boycotts.

The opposing viewpoint is here.