Punishment for Judge John Torrence

I’m sure all of you heard by now the honorable John Torrence granting probation to child molester Jarred Elwood after he sodomized a little girl for eight years. Good old Jarred started this disgusting crime when this child was six. Why Torrence didn’t put this animal in jail to fight for his anal retention is beyond comprehension.


But Torrence has pulled this soft on crime act before. On May 11, 2008 20 year old Curtis Mertensmeyer from Mission Hills, KS was driving drunk with friends and hit Daniel Riemann. The force of the collision severed the victim’s legs. Only thinking of self preservation Mertensmeyer sped away leaving Riemann to die. Shortly afterwards Curtis and his 2 friends abandoned the car.


Mertensmeyer was sentenced to 5 years, but John Torrence decided 4 months in jail was enough. This was even after the mother of the victim and a majority of the citizens in Kansas City said this little angel should serve real time. But they couldn’t sway John!


If anyone remembers swimmer Bruce Kimball who drove drunk and hit pedestrians. He was sentenced to 17 years for his crime. I wonder what he would of got if Torrence was the sentencing judge? Community service?


Mertensmeyer will probably never hurt anyone again, but Elwood is free and soon will be on the hunt again. Child molesters are very rarely cured. So most likely Elwood will commit another heinous act and finally get put away. My question is what about punishment for Torrence?


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