Grayson Hypocrisy

Its ironic Alan Grayson would call the present healthcare system a holocaust, and the Republican plan is to die early. Interestingly Grayson defends a bill that would cut $500 billion from Medicare, tax manufacturers of medical equipment, and eliminate all healthcare providers in five years. Hey Al who said “instead of a pacemaker let’s give her pain pills” when it came to prolonging the life of a 101 year old woman? Hmmmmm?


Grayson also mentioned the Republicans don’t have a plan so checked out the link:




There is a solution hand book that addresses the major issues currently Obama wants to expand the government and his power over our lives. I’m not a caddy for the GOP but these solutions sound much more practical than tearing down the our current system. By the way did anyone tell Al the Post Office needs a bailed out? This is another failed federal agency (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). Now tell me you how you’ll make healthcare better.


I really don’t want Grayson to be quiet. Let him and the other fifth columnists keeps stepping in it. Maybe Pelosi can come on camera, cry, and talk about the 70’s in San Francisco.


The libs are backed by big money. Why don’t Buffet, Soros, and Winfrey start a low cost insurance company instead of burdening us? Just a thought.