Zbig Is Shows True Colors

Well it’s time to pile on Israel and former Carter security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski is right in lock step with the Obama fifth column. Zbig says we should be protecting Iran and shoot down any Israeli planes trying to attack. He seems to be worried about how the Iranians will take it?

Is there something I’m missing here or does Brzezinski want to protect a regime that murdered citizens for protesting a rigged election. If Brzezinski is worried about Iranians rallying around Ahmadinejad if Israel attacks he’s misguided. Order has been restored and like Nazi Germany there will be forced national unity. Obama and the lefties missed the boat on toppling Dolph II earlier this year.

Though the Iranian hostage debacle happened under Zbig and quite possibly the worse President ever Jimmy Carter’s watch, he’s still willing to protect Iran and attack a long standing American ally. If I remember Jimmy Carter ran a non-friendly anti-Israeli presidential campaign. Due to his opponent being Gerald Ford he won the 1976 election, and America suffered four years of this pea brained peanut farmer. Carter has recently showed he’s still doesn’t get it by siding with Hamas while they were launching missiles into Israeli villages.

Why anyone would listen to Zbigniew Brzezinski or his brained warped daughter is beyond me. Israel knows the score and is fighting for their lives. They also know appeasing these Muslim animals doesn’t work unless you consider killing Jewish children in an elementary school progress. Hey Zbig, before you start requesting Israeli planes shot down visit those children’s graves from that elementary school, or better yet “Google” holocaust.