Obama Using The NEA

Obama Using The NEA

The NEA was supposed to promote art and that’s a good thing. Culture is desperately needed these days with the lack of imagination coming out of Hollywood and the music industry. But Obama has used this tax payer funded organization to push his agenda.

When August rolled around Obama was losing the healthcare debate. Only the usual brain dead dopes were buying Obamacare. During this time the NEA encouraged a handpicked group of pro-Obama artists to promote his issues. Obama also recruited Russell Simmons’ political director and next Goebbels propaganda award winner Michael Skolnick. His job was to organize influential members of the artistic community to promote Obama’s initiatives. Where’s the outrage?      

Considering the NEA is the largest single funder of the arts makes this act more despicable.  Now Herr Obama will influence who gets grants and can push what art should be promoted as long they do what he wants. Anyone for some good ole Wagner? But instead of a symphony orchestra it maybe an alternative rock band or rapper praising the Premier’s agenda. This is right out of the Adolf Hitler playbook.

 The infiltration of eco-fascism, socialized medicine, pro unions, and relying on big government will stifle our young creative minds. This is a new low for the bush league wanna be dictator. Can you imagine if GW would’ve even talked with the NEA. There would’ve been protesters raising hell in Greenwich Village. Where are those protesters now? Probably in line for the next NEA grant.

Below is a link to the whole story. Please read the article. Our art and culture is our country’s identity and needs to be protected.


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