Bulls**t With Botox

The idea any opposition to this President’s policies are purely racist is totally absurd. The Maxine Waters and Michael Eric Dyson accusations just prove these socialists have no clue in how to handle logical objections. But the latest and most ridiculous example of fear mongering comes from the Madame Speaker herself.

Yes it’s the darling of the House, that “Siren of Socialism” herself Nancy Pelosi. The same woman that told a pro oil drilling crowd to go drill a hole in their heads is fearful. She’s comparing the tea parties and angry rhetoric to her experience in San Francisco when Mayor George Moscone, and Harvey Milk were murdered by city supervisor Dan White. White was mentally ill and committed suicide in 1995. Nancy claims this turmoil reminds her of the unrest in 1978. Talk about bulls**t with Botox this is it!!!

Pelosi shows little creativity, and even less brains comparing a crime by an unstable White to the opposition of this debacle called the Obama administration. As usual Washington liberals show how out of touch they are with reality. As more of moderates realize the mistake they made by voting for Obama the opposition will grow. They better develop coping skills because right now they aren’t handling rejection very well.

By the Way – The house voted to defund ACORN by 345 – 75. Below is a link that lists the names of the 75 that stood up for ACORN.


Barney Frank didn’t vote on this issue even though he’s a staunch supporter of this fraudulent organization. I guess l all this turmoil reminds him of San Francisco too.

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