Send In The Clowns

As Judy Collins once sang “Send In the Clowns” the big top is open and the clowns are loose. But these clowns are on the attack playing the race card because their ringmaster is failing miserably.

The first clown is Georgia Democratic Congressman Hank Johnson. According to this clown’s logic if Joe Wilson is not rebuked it will lead to evil white men in sheets and pillow cases terrorizing minority communities. Hey Hank will they be on horseback, in pickup trucks, or on foot?  I would ask Congressman Johnson if he read HR 3200, but somehow I don’t think so.

The second clown is Michael Eric Dyson. This prince of comedy is a professor at Georgetown (That says enough about this University). On NBC’s Today Show he claimed people are afraid of a black man and a black planet. Hey Mike the only thing I’m afraid of with Obama is can his screw ups be fixed once he’s out of office.  “M-Dy” proves without a shadow of a doubt he has no business teaching college. Hell he has no business teaching Driver’s Ed.

The last clown is quite possibly the worst president in the history of this country (Obama is running a close second). Yes it’s Billy’s Brother Jimmy. This clown states if you don’t agree with Barry you are a racist. This is the same man who hates the Jewish race, sides with Hamas, and loves Castro. Skippy is an embarrassment and needs to make like Peter Pan and fly away.

When it gets right down to it the leftists are seeing their Messiah going down the tubes. To fight back they’re using the weapon that won the election, the race card. Well this weapon is getting old and becoming less effective. Like the boy who cried wolf after awhile no one is listening.

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