Let’s Recognize Real Racism

Joe Wilson interrupted Barack Obama! Unleash the hounds! Why would Wilson disrespect this historic President? I’ll tell you why!  Joe Wilson is a racist!! He has to be! He’s white and from the south. This is the reasoning of ultra-left wing socially brain damaged columnist Maureen Dowd (Maybe she’s still pissed because commie heart throb Van Jones is gone).

Maureen saying “You Lie” implies “Boy” because Obama is black is bull. To see real racism look at what a drunken Kanye West pulled on a 19 year old white female country singer? If Taylor Swift was a black this stewed bigot would’ve never gotten on stage!! Maybe Mr. Congeniality is jealous because Taylor can actually sing without using an Antares Auto Tune to correct her pitch. Hey Kanye do you know what a chorus or bridge is? What about a tonic or dominant chord? I bet Taylor does and she plays an instrument too.

Beyonce Knowles showed nothing but class and brought Taylor up so she can enjoy the award she rightly deserved. I’m not a fan of Beyonce’s music, but I’m now a fan of her’s as a person.  

Maureen Dowd wouldn’t criticize a black bigot for picking on a teenager because of her race, but used race as an excuse to attack a congressman for exposing a lying Obama. No wonder Maureen Dowd and the New York Times blows chow.

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