Obama Still Doesn’t Get It

For all the buildup Obama offered no details (I guess members of congress were handed a laminated “menu” with bullet points instead the usual copy of the speech). There were no specifics about the co-ops, or how 5% of the population will fully fund the public option (no one bought that one accept for Nancy and Joe). What I really can’t believe is the woman from Texas being dropped from her insurance because of acne. Hey ladies you’d better hit the Stridex pads before that check up.

I was shocked to hear the number of uninsured went down from 47 to 30 million. What happened to 17 million people? Are those the illegal aliens that won’t be covered, or did the stimulus bill create new jobs overnight. Obama did use the same old Alinsky tactics demonizing the insurance companies, Bush, Palin, and the right for the turmoil caused at the town hall meetings. You’d think with all the money being spent he could get some new material. Hey what’s Franken doing?

The $900 billion price tag of the new Obama bill is the same estimated cost of HR 3200 (Strange), and like HR 3200 this “new” bill’s numbers don’t seem to add up either. I did notice people in the balcony holding copies of HR 3200 in the air during the speech. I wonder if they were letting the world know Obama was selling the same old bag of crap (One can hope).

This was a critical speech for Obama. Instead of getting to work and putting together a detailed blueprint of what he wants he rehashed HR 3200, and pitched it like a used car salesman. When will this guy quit trying to be the next American Idol and start being the leader of this country?

By The Way – Representative Joe Wilson you were right; Obama lied – through the whole speech!